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It's a Gift to Serve:

Working a Team FAQ's

#1  What's the Time commitment?

#2 What's the financial cost?

#3  What skills are needed? 


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     The Walk to Emmaus cannot happen without a loving and committed team working both behind the scenes as well as in leadership roles for every part.


     Once you have completed your initial Walk to Emmaus Weekend, you have the opportunity to become part of the team. 


     On each weekend, the whole team of around 25 or more people seek the "mind of Christ" as they take on the many roles that are needed whenever a such Spiritual Retreat weekend happens. 

     Serving on the team deepens your spiritual walk by following the example Christ gave us in being a "Servant Leader."  This means a total focus on God and God's Unconditional Love as well as the extension of that great and generous love to all those around us. 

     So the teams comes together in Agapé love, prepares in Agapé love, serves in Agapé love and grows in Agapé love.


     The Team begins it's preparations and training meetings months before each and every Walk Weekend.  Those meetings are not only bathed in prayer, but all the Candidates and Applications are prayed over seeking God's guidance in every decision.

     The team consist of the Walk leadership, the support volunteers for the weekend events, the cooks and servers for all the meals and the cleaning crew that keeps all the facilities clean and welcoming all weekend long. 

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