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     People like you have had their lives transformed by this weekend encounter with Christ.  

     Here are some of their stories.

(Stories are real, pictures are stock) 

Dan Curry            Feb. 24, 2024

Here's what I thought about the Walk to Emmaus

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The So Cal Walk to Emmaus is expressly “for the develoment of Christian leaders” and consequently is not for everyone.


Those attending the Walk will be challenged to live a deeper level of Christian commitment which makes sacrificial demands on the normal priorities of everyday life. It is perfectably understandable–and not at all blameworthy–that some will not be willing or able to make that sacrifice.


The notion that Emmaus is cultish or demonic proceeds from an unfortunate lack of understanding and instruction by the candidate’s sponsor prior to attending. See John 13:1-17.

Image by JD  Mason

Richard  Windsock           Feb. 24, 2024

Here's what I thought about the Walk to Emmaus

I went on my So Cal Walk to Emmaus March 14, 2013. I could not feel the love of God or Jesus before going on the Walk.

The Walk to Emmaus is totally based on the Christian Bible(Old and New Testiments). It is an attempt to help persons feel the experience the two disciples felt as discribed in Luke 24:13-36.

I have never seen an organization that helps people feel the love of Jesus Christ more than the Walk to Emmaus. I have seen hundrens of people blessed by the walk. And I have seen a few people who did not want to be there leave on the second day.

I am confident the So. Cal. Walk to Emmaus is intended to be a loving life changing expience that transforms many people into active christians.

I can say for certain, every person who works the walk is trying do the work of the Holy Spirit and to make every Pilgrim feel loved by Jesus.

Here's what I thought about the Walk to Emmaus

I went on my So Cal Walk to Emmaus in the fall of 2002. I am sorry that so many here are expressing frustration as the weekend for me was an awakening to seeping my commitment to the Lord our God.

It was a learning experience and a heart warming experience. I was with many like minded individuals from many different churches in my community.

It can become clickish if it is not addressed, but going on my walk did not make anything special. And on my walk, they said, “your attending a walk doesn’t make you special”.


I never heard the “it makes you special” comment as well.

Each individual is different and how you react to the retreat is more about you, than the retreat itself.


The reunion groups is nothing more than many of the accountability groups that many churches have.

God loves us and has freely given us his grace.

What we do with it from there is up to us.

Man with Beard

Alex Gonzales          May 16, 2024

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We are here because of the unconditional love of God in Jesus Christ.  

We are bless to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.


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